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  Incident report - 5/24/2618
Posted by: Roboslav - 05-25-2018, 05:56 AM - Forum: Incident Reports - Replies (1)

Time: ~2340 EST

Reporting Personnel: Robotic Slavinator
Rank: Security Commander
Involved Personnel: 
- (GingerCultLeader) Patrick Ludwig, Offender
- (kutogane) Robotic Slavinator, Arresting Party

Location of Incident: NTTRS Caerus, Bar
Time of Incident: N/A
Nature of Incident: Vandalism, and Petty Theft.
Description of Incident:
 - During an investigation, Robotic Slavinator has deducted that Patrick Ludwig was responsible for vandalism of the bar, and theft of the bars items without express permission. Items stolen were a vacuum flask, and several dozen units of alcohol from the dispenser

Was this incident reported to station's command or were actions taken?
- I was the only corporate security member active at the time, and have handled the situation accordingly with fifteen minutes of brig time, which rolled over through transfer.
Additional Notes:
I recommend that the offender is given a mandatory job suspension for at most three days so that they are to reflect on what they have done. hopefully, they will not continue this line of action again.

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  [Accepted] Maereo's Overseer app
Posted by: Maereo - 05-21-2018, 09:41 PM - Forum: Approved Applications - Replies (1)

Quote:ckey: Maereo
Character name(s): Qilqu-uu Zixqixqix

What is, for you, the role of an Overseer? It's really more of a hands on role in a way of support, your job is to guide the staff but also let them do their own thing. It's a mix letting them do their own thing but telling them what to do when things get out of control and people start panicking. 

Character you're applying with: Volvolvol Xuqzix
Experience/Qualifications: Philosphy PhD, Electrical Engineering PhD, Atmospheric Engineering PhD, Supermatter Theory PhD, Theoretical Physics, 10 years of Captain training by NanoTrasen and 25 years as a Captain on the NSSCA Dawnstar (Medical Ship)

Backstory: Captain Xuqzix was first hired by the Russian Federation on board the Spotnik 137 to oversee the missions success. Given the shoddy training and poorly maintained equipment but Captain Xuqzix managed to achieve a successful mission out of it. After the mission was completed Xuqzix was given more proper funding to oversee mining colonies controlled by the RF, after a few dozen years the RF was sent to NT under scholarship to be given training and represent them in a power move. After a decades worth of training he has been given command over a small medical transport known as the Dawnstar. 

Additional Notes: We don't have a Captain currently.

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  [ACCEPTED] Kutogane : MOD APP
Posted by: Roboslav - 05-21-2018, 08:25 PM - Forum: Approved Applications - Replies (7)

Ckey: kutogane
Character names: Robotic Slavinator (the important one)
Position you’re applying for: Moderator
Favorite Color: Gopnik Green
Previous experience: HAH what is experience?
Have you ever been banned from the server or from other servers?: Not from any SS13 servers, but I have been banned from Club Penguin 
Why do you want to be this particular staff?: (meme answer) Why don't I? (Actual Answer) You are good staff, I want to be part of team so I can help be good staff.

Answer the following scenarios as how you would solve a ticket. Try to use our current rules to help.
It’s a secret round type, and there’s a Colony Director (Captain), a HoS (Head of Security), and a full security force.. Mercenaries have been confirmed and they’ve breached the code blue armory. The captain’s response is to grab his gun and his voidsuit and runs to the armory. He fights the mercenaries 3 on 1 and dies, to no one’s surprise. One of the mercenaries takes the Captain’s ID and they roleplay taking over the ship.

It’s lowpop (a time when there’s few players online, roughly >10) and there’s no heads or even an AI. An engineer decides to break into the captain’s office and steal the spare. They give them self all access and put the spare back where it was. They fix the doors behind them while you’re bwoinking (Admin PMing)  them.

1: I would bwoink the Urod Colony Director, and ask: What was the acutal plan of action when you decided to go and attack armed mercenaries in the armory, especially when you have a full security force? They would get a warning, and a note because that is extremely low RP and would make a bad example. If I am only staff there, I would alert an Admin about the situation, and tell them my course of action. And from there we would see if the urod will be unwhitelisted if his RP does not improve, blyat.

2: What is point, this man is an engineer! Since this is technically self antag behavior as he is breaking into a high-security area, and committing GRAND THEFT ID with no motivation than he just wants to, I would ask him to return the ID, and we can go back to round like nothing happened... That is if he cooperates. If the urod ignores the bwoink, or becomes hostile, he gets a warning, and in worst case scenario, ejected from the server.

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  Exploration notes
Posted by: Flint - 05-20-2018, 06:22 PM - Forum: Players Guides - No Replies

Some hot tips for explorers that aren't touched on, on the wiki.

The Mk30-EW has unlimited ammunition, all one needs to do to reload is click it with your empty hand while holding it. It takes some time to recharge however, so make sure you put some distance between you and whatever you're fighting. Clicking it in hand on the other hand will change the firemode to a lower damage mode, taking your total shots from 10 to 40. The lower damage mode is excellent for clearing an area of weaker mobs, or if you are some kind of psychopath detonating mines from afar.
Mines detonated from a distance will still spit shrapnel at you, be prepared to fire and lie down at the same time. Or fire from behind cover.
Dungeons tagged with a GPS marker occasionally stop displaying the direction they are from your current position, this usually happens when you're further than 100 tiles away, and rarely within 30 tiles.
There is always at least one safe path between the mountain entrance and exit to the wilderness, usually all you need to do is follow the green flags set up at apparently random junctions in the rock. Powerful men reinforce this by marking a path with marker beacons on the off chance someone forgets to take a torch with them on a rescue mission.
To change the colour of the marker beacons, alt-click the stack. The colour you set will be applied to all marker beacons you deploy from that point on, until you change it again.
The furthest locker on the left and right contain binoculars and a mining drill respectively. These utility items are absolutely invaluable to an explorer team, learning how to best deploy them for maximum impact will ascend you a power level.
Every explorer has one GPS unit in their locker. You turn it on with alt-click and set your name by clicking it in hand to check the information, and set tag. Naming it EX_[first name] will make it easier for others using GPS units, such as SAR or security reinforcements to rapidly locate you. Learning to use the GPS to navigate to other members of your team is also ascended tactics and has saved pixels from certain doom in the past.
You can check your department channel by examining your headset, however explorer comms is ":y".
Remember that there are unmarked dungeons on the map. Optical meson, or optical material scanners combined with the binoculars will turn one member of your team into a long range dungeon scanner. Opt for optical material scanners if possible, as even if you can't see what dangers await you in a dark room encased in rock, you will always be able to guage whether or not the loot is worth the risk. Note that crates are usually worth it.
One of the rarest dungeons to spawn is the alien ship, it is designed to punish poor co-ordination and impatience. Take it slow and steady, give your fellow explorers a wide berth and you will conquer this land with ease. Breathe down each others necks and try to rush the dungeon and you can expect at least one casualty.
If you are caught in a pinch, using the binoculars to snipe distant targets is an option, however your accuracy will lower to the point that shots may go over the intended target more often than not.
Your survival knife can be used to cut down trees, it usually takes about 12 - 14 hits and will take several seconds to cut the alien logs into planks. Machetes sometimes spawn in the explorer lockers, and are a much better tool for this, as the total strikes lower to 10 - 12, and take slightly less time to turn the logs into planks. Your survival knife will also one shot vicerators if you're caught recharging your EW.
The second you go down or suffer a broken bone, call for help. Try not to move if you can help it if you suffer a broken bone, polaris medical is unforgiving and the more you move the more chance you have of gaining internal bleeding or organ damage on top of your current wounds. It may be worth your time asking a head of staff to issue the team tracking beacons to enable rapid response to teleport in.

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Exclamation Lore Canonization Application Format - Read before Posting.
Posted by: Pyrociraptor - 05-18-2018, 06:23 PM - Forum: Other Applications - No Replies

Canonization App

  • No joke/memes app. We reserve the rights to ban you from posting another application of any sort if you do so.
  • No straight up copypasta from another source. Inspiration from something else is good; Copying isn't.
  • No black and white lore for factions, political parties, etc.... Things are never that easy.
  • For Scientific/Technology/Medical lore, ideas must be reasonable. No magic stuff or "Works in mysterious way".
  • No Major faction or lore without approval from an Admin or without discussing with the appropriate Lore Dev first.
  • Modification to already existing ideas will be subject of possible debate/discussion. Gear up for possible upcoming questions or denial.
Canonization Format

Under Specie's lore:
(If the proposed Lore is part of a specific specie (e.g. wanting to add a religion for Tajara))
Under Faction's lore: (If the proposed Lore is part of a specific faction (e.g. wanting to change NT's goals))
Under anything else's lore: (Same as before, but for something that isn't faction or species)

Short Description:

Long Description/In-details Explanation:

Anything else you think may be relevant to the application.

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Exclamation Custom Items Template - Read before Posting
Posted by: Pyrociraptor - 05-15-2018, 04:48 PM - Forum: Other Applications - No Replies

Custom Item application

  • Applicants must follow the formats. Applications which does not use the template here will be ignored.
  • No jokes/memes items. We'll remove the applications for here and possibly strip your rights to post another item application.
  • Item must be purely cosmetic or have no real impact on gameplay; A random beret is fine, A re-sprited communicator or a Mech customization kit is fine. Weapons,and possibly fake/dull ones, are not.
  • Item must have some form of Roleplay value and/or backstory connection to the character. Item made solely for the purpose of being unique will be refused.
  • One item per application.
  • Applicants may request an item to be sprited; However, this may take a long time.
  • Applicants may also provide their own sprite; Testing done at their own discretions.

character the item is for:

Item name: (name shown ingame)
Item description:
Item sprite file:
(If you have a sprite file.)

What is the story of the item for your character?

Additional notes:
(if any)

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  [ACCEPTED] Maereo's Mod App
Posted by: Maereo - 05-14-2018, 12:54 AM - Forum: Approved Applications - Replies (7)

Ckey: Maereo
Character names: Qilqu-uu Zixqixqix
Position you’re applying for: Moderator
Favorite Color: Chrome Wink
Previous experience: I used to play a game called SAMP and I was an admin on a popular server
Have you ever been banned from the server or from other servers?: Nope
Why do you want to be this particular staff?:  Well, other than Chrome shilling at me it would be nice to actually be apart of something once again, get to roleplay and teach. I also like how the community is small for now, it makes it feel like a family however dysfunctional it may be.

Answer the following scenarios as how you would solve a ticket. Try to use our current rules to help.

It’s a secret round type, and there’s a Colony Director, a HoS  and a full security force.. Mercenaries have been confirmed and they’ve breached the code blue armory. The captain’s response is to grab his gun and his voidsuit and runs to the armory. He fights the mercenaries 3 on 1 and dies, to no one’s surprise. One of the mercenaries takes the Captain’s ID and they roleplay taking over the ship.

It’s lowpop  and there’s no heads or even an AI. An engineer decides to break into the captain’s office and steal the spare. They give them self all access and put the spare back where it was. They fix the doors behind them while you’re bwoinking them.

1.) Firstly I'd ask the Captain why he thought that was good idea, there is an acceptable amount room for error but this might have actually been too much, there is no justification for this. It's blatant valid hunting, they're going to get a formal warning and a note. If i'm the only staff member on at the time that would be it, if there's an admin I'd like to see if we can bring the captain back and see if we can void the situation because that is just unacceptable and quite honestly low rp.

2.)Well, I mean what exactly was he planning on doing? I'd explain that while that borders on self-antagging and just urealistic behavior. I'd do my best to explain aswell, there isn't a need for a formal warning or a ban if they're being polite and responsive to the feed-back. Just a note for future reference and a verbal warning. Of course if they were rude and unresponsive a formal warning, a ban is really in the case of an extreme.

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  Captain Whitelist Application - Read before Posting
Posted by: Pyrociraptor - 05-14-2018, 12:29 AM - Forum: Whitelist Applications - No Replies

Captain Agent application

  • This application format is to unlock the position of Captain.
  • After a month of crash-testing, and a few days after being public on the hub, that position was the easiest for Griefers to use and cause chaos. This is why we've locked them behind a permanent whitelist.
  • No jokes/memes Applications. We'll remove the thread from here and possibly strip your rights to post another application.
  • Captain (Overseers) are expected to be up to date with station regulations, and even Governmental Laws.
  • This whitelist can be hard to obtain, but easy to lose.
  • You are expected to know what species may or may not play as Overseer.
Whitelist Format

Character name(s):

What is, for you, the role of an Overseer?

Character you're applying with:

Backstory: (One or two paragraphs, and how they came to be working for NT).

Additional Notes: ( if any)

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  A Starter in Circuitry
Posted by: Flint - 05-08-2018, 02:41 AM - Forum: Players Guides - Replies (1)

I'll come back and format this one day, for now I've spent far too long on it and need a break.

Parts required:

Electronic Assembly
Weapon power cell
tiny photovoltaic cell
text pad
number pad
number to string converter
uppercase string converter
screen/text-to-speech circuit
EPv2 circuit

Electronic Machine
Weapon power cell
EPv2 circuit 
advanced locator
global positioning system
string to number converter
toggle button
fast ticker
weapon firing mechanism
large tesla power relay

Hello I am here to provide a short guide on the contruction of one basic smart turret, this design is very basic and is designed with the intention of helping people who aren't familiar with circuitry to better understand it as it did me.

Keep in mind that some of these circuits are locked behind research and development, they can be printed off using the portable integrated circuit printer, and unlocked using the integrated circuit printer upgrade - advanced designs. I have marked these elusive elements in red and will provide an alternative guide as a follow up that uses components that are more readily available from one of two boxes that spawn in the nerd dungeon south of toxins research.

The first step is to open up the cases, you do this by applying crowbar to thing. If you made it this far you are now in the top 99 percentile for skill in circuitry.

The next step is filling both devices with the components, to do this simply take the component you wish to use in the device in hand, and click on the device. You have become impossibly powerful at this stage, and must be stopped.

This next step is the only one that requires you to use the circuit debugger tool. It will be used more extensively as you upgrade and tinker with your design, but for now it is only used here. Both devices open, click them with the debugger tool to open up the menus that you closed as you were shoving parts into them. Click on the EPv2 circuits to open their individual menus. Their addresses should be at the bottom of the text wall describing what they do. Click the debugger tool and select "string", highlight the address of one and copy it, paste it into the text box that has popped up. Once you have done this, click on the "target address" option on the other devices EPv2 circuit hub. Repeat this process, but for the other device. At this point if you haven't been slain, it is too late.

From here it's best to work on one device at a time, the electronic assembly is the simplest of the two. First, from the device menu, rename it. You can call it whatever you want but for simplicity sake I tend to call mine "Target Finder". You don't need to rename it at all if you so choose, but if you make more than one device with this style of frame you may lose it in the crowd at the wrong moment.

Provided you've mastered opening up the individual circuits within each device, this part should go quite smoothly.
Take the circuit wirer, and click on the text pad. Click on string entered, and back out to the main menu.
Click on the EPv2 circuit, and then circuit wirer still in hand click data to send. This will link the text input into the text pad with the data to send field.
You will then go back to the text pad and click on "on entered pulse in", in red at the bottom.
Go back to the EPv2 circuit, and click "send data pulse in". This will mean that as soon as you enter the text in the pop up text box, it will send from the "data to send" field to the linked EPv2 circuits "data recieved" field.

You may also with to rename the text pad "Target Name" so that if you go down, others may take up your machine and figure out what it does on the fly.

With this out of the way we move on to the number pad, this is an entirely unnecessary addition but I found it helped me understand basic conversion. Unlike the text pad which connects directly with the devices EPv2 circuit, the number pad needs to go through several steps to prepare the data for transfer.
Open the number pads menu, and click number entered. Back out and hit up the number to string circuit. Link the number entered field with input on the left. Having done this, take the output field and navigate your way back to the EPv2 circuit were you will link it to the secondary text to send field.
Go back to the menu, and open the number pad again, link its "on entered" to the number to string converters "convert", and the number to strings "on convert" to the EPv2 circuits "send data".
You are now basically a doctor and may carry yourself as such.
This next part may seem spooky without the full context of what you're doing, but trust me you're a doctor. You will pull through.
Here you take the EPv2 circuits "data recieved" field on the right, and link it to the concatenators text field "A". As in, also I lied about never having to touch the debugger again. Take the debugger and select string. Enter a space before whatever variation of "spotted" you wish, and plug it right in to text field "B"'s null field.
Having done so, take the wiring tool once again, and select the result field. Back out and enter the uppercase string converter, link the result to "input". Take the "output" field and navigate your way to either your screen, or your text to speech device. Link the field with their respective "text" fields.
As a note, the screen will ensure only you see the message, which is good if your target happens to be a player and standing right in front of you. Otherwise using a text to speech device ensures that other players are fully aware of when you are about to engage a target and exactly what.
Go back to the EPv2 circuit, and link the red "on data recieved" with the concatenators "concatenate", the "on concatenated" with the uppercase string converters "convert" and the "on convert" with the screen or text to speech devices "display" or "to speech" options.
Unless I've forgotten anything, this should be the full set up for your electronic assembly. Your power now knows no equal in these lands and a new dark age has set in. Close the device by clicking on it with the crowbar and turn your attention to your new challenge, immortality and then Godhood.
Luckily with this design, the electronic machine is just a case of linking fields. I trust that with working on the control unit, most everyone has mastered the use of the wiring tool and understands how to navigate devices internally. Which is why you may have noticed a slight tempo increase.

Open up the EPv2 circuit, link the data recieved field with the advanced locators "desired type", go back and link the secondary text recieved with the string to number converters "input" field and its "output" field with the advanced locators radius field. Then link the advanced locators "located ref" field with the examiners "REF target".

Having done this, take the "name" field from the right hand column of the examiner, and link it to the EPv2 units "data to send" field.
Link the examiners "X" and "Y" fields with their counterparts on the weapon firing mechanism.
You then take the toggle button, select the "on (false)", and link it to the fast tickers "enable ticking (false)", both of these should start on false, or "off". When the button is toggled on, it will start the ticker which will send a pulse out every two seconds to whatever circuits it is linked to.
This is when we enter the territory of only linking the red fields at the bottom.
Link the EPv2's "data recieved" with the advanced locators "locate" function, doing the same with the string to number converters "convert". Then link the advanced locators "found" with the examiners "scan", and the GPS units "get coordinates". Link the examiners "on scanned" with both the "send data" function of the EPv2 circuit, and the "fire" function of the weapon firing mechanism.
Finally link the fast tickers "outgoing pulse" to the examiners "scan" function.
Unless I've forgotten anything, all that's left to do is rename your new toy and close her up. Also accepting your invitation to your gay school you fucking wizard.

Keep in mind that this set up is terrible for anything but single target elimination, but tinkering with it has helped me up my game. I hope it does the same for you.

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  [ACCEPTED] Arrowhead154's Tajara Whitelist App
Posted by: Arrowhead154 - 05-08-2018, 12:16 AM - Forum: Approved Applications - Replies (5)

BYOND key: Arrowhead154
Character name(s): Valni Ma'ine, Alzane Kla'Ahd, Nolan Manders, and Patton Clarks
Race you’re applying for: Tajara
Color you want them to be: Valni- Orange, Alzane- Brown/Black
Have you read this species’ lore? Yes. It is very much different than what I'm used too, so it'll take me a moment to adjust at first. (Have mercy on an old roleplayer)
A biography of your character: 

Valni Ma'ine: 
      Some call this feline suave, others call him a silver-tongue and sharp minded, but behind this Tajara's friendliness lies a question that's continued to haunt him. Being a young Tajara, Valni was drawn to technology, specifically from the humans that his parents interacted with in business and trade. In his youth, he took apart radios, lights, communication devices and even an old computer that his parents bought him! He was good with a wrench, and an excellent problem solver around the village. Learning what behaviors humans and tajara used in interacting both formally, and informally, Valni was set for a bright future of industry and efficiency. When he was old enough, he started working at a local coffee shop. The humans called it Latte-Tajara; Valni's kind called it "Coffee L'isskawo" or "Excellent Coffee" in literal translation. It was at this coffee shop Valni honed his people skills. A year in, Valni was the tajara that both humans and tajara could both agree on for being the best barista. His time at the coffee shop was brief, two years had passed since he first signed on. As his life went on, he was hired by a man who worked for a company called NanoTrasen. This man, Thomas Notchard, would become Valni's inspiration in everything he did with technology. Thomas Notchard was an engineer for a small trading vessel that visited Naj'd to do business with its people. Thomas scored Valni a job as his personal assistant, allowing the youthful Tajara to truly shine. Three years pass and as Valni's skills grew, so did his relationship with Thomas. He was Valni's second father, and a human, no less; but after those three years, Valni was re-assigned to a full time work force at another station, separating him from Thomas! After a tear-jerking goodbye, Thomas promised that he would find out why NanoTrasen would send Valni off to another station he had no part in. About a few months later, Valni receives a message via envelope. In it was a card, expressing apologies for Valni's loss of Thomas Notchard, who had died in an engine failure of the ship he was working on. Valni nearly quit work all-together to return home, but something nagged at him... something did not add up. So now he works for NanoTrasen specifically, wanting to rise through the ranks to find out how Thomas died... if he even is dead. 

Alzane Kla'Ahd
      Alzane is what the ancient Tajara's strive to become. Strong, viscous, and cunning, Alzane has honed both his body and his mind to rival that of any fighter. He detests violence; however, though is not afraid to resort to it in a situation if the need arises. Alzane grew up in a home where his father loved to hunt and kill. Naturally, Alzane picked up on his techniques; which he detested. Violence bred more violence in Alzane's eyes, though fighting for survival is not a right, it is a fact. Everyone must fight to survive. In Alzane's youth, he was hired as a bouncer at "Kitten's Club", a human-inspired bar and dance club on Naj'd for visitors to enjoy and entertain themselves. Alzane's rough attitude and quiet, yet commanding presence kept most everyone in line and on good behavior, though it got him into a few fights with drunk patrons, but with peerless skill, they were detained within a moment. Alzane grew his leadership skills by soon becoming the head security officer of "Kittens Club", earning the title "Safest Bar in the Galaxy". Business nearby raised an eyebrow at how little conflict the club had, even among the few humans that dared to go; one being NanoTrasen itself. NanoTrasen approached Alzane and offered him a spot on the security team for VIP escorts. Alzane accepted, leaving behind his home and family. 

Any questions, let me know! Hope you enjoyed the read!

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