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Maereos ICE Application
ckey: Maereo
Character name(s): William Ramos, Landyn Tanner, Julian Rader, Brutus De Luca

What is, for you, an ICE Agent:  An ICE Agent is almost like a school resource officer, where as security contractor would enforce ship law an ICE Agent would enforce actual law.  They for the most part let security deal with everything, infact that's their job most of the time until a real law gets broken like I.E. Phoron Bombing a planet.

Character you're applying with: Ji-Woo Moon
Short description of your character (in terms of personality): Ji-Woo is your typical no non sense Asian woman who is probably a little too stuck up. However, they are by the book which can be good or bad depending on the situation she's in. If you throw something in her face that's a little too off the curve, she'll most likely have a lapse in judgement or possibly for lack of a better term, shit the bed. 

Ji-Woo carries herself with a bit of class and sophistication, she's not likely to burp like a barbarian she's more likely to fold her hands and cross her legs. She comes off as snooty because she is, she's not someone to take things lightly and will probably have a hard time getting along with someone who makes a crude joke. She will however get along with someone who carries themselves as a professional and if you can throw in a bit of nuance that you aren't a knuckle dragger, you'll most likely get along famously. 

Additional Notes: Mayo 4 lyf

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