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Staff Applications Mega Post - READ BEFORE YOU POST PLEASE
Staff Applications
  • Current positions:
    • Moderator
    • Lore developer
  • Stick to the format. Applications that don’t follow the format will be denied.
  • Meme Applications won’t be accepted.
  • Background checks will be applied. How you conduct yourself on other servers will be put into consideration with your application.
    No jokes/memes Applications. We'll remove the thread from here and possibly strip your rights to post another application.
  • Others may post on your application, to provide feedback wether you’re capable or not. Remember, things you do to others will impact their view of you. If you’re going to be on the server staff team you need positive feedback from both the staff and the community.
  • The ultimate decision of wether your application is approved or not is down to the staff. All decisions are final and if your application is denied then you’re free to reapply in 7 days.

Staff Application Form:
Remember, delete the bracketed text before you post.

Character names:
Position you’re applying for:
Favorite Color:
Previous experience: (if any)
Have you ever been banned from the server or from other servers?:
Why do you want to be this particular staff?:

Answer the following scenarios as how you would solve a ticket. Try to use our current rules to help.

It’s a secret round type, and there’s a Colony Director (Captain), a HoS (Head of Security), and a full security force.. Mercenaries have been confirmed and they’ve breached the code blue armory. The captain’s response is to grab his gun and his voidsuit and runs to the armory. He fights the mercenaries 3 on 1 and dies, to no one’s surprise. One of the mercenaries takes the Captain’s ID and they roleplay taking over the ship.

It’s lowpop (a time when there’s few players online, roughly >10) and there’s no heads or even an AI. An engineer decides to break into the captain’s office and steal the spare. They give them self all access and put the spare back where it was. They fix the doors behind them while you’re bwoinking (Admin PMing)  them.

Additional Notes: (if any)
Ckey: ariever

don't look at me in that tone of voice
Ckey: ariever

don't look at me in that tone of voice

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