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April first but this is not at all a joke
Ckey: Flintlock
Character names: Lok Cromwell, Jak Crowley, Jason Smyth, faceless engineers
Position you’re applying for: Admin
Favorite Color: Carnage
Previous experience: Sigurd, Fallout 13
Have you ever been banned from the server or from other servers?: Other servers yes, I was banned from eros for unleashing a spider plague upon the helpless denizens of an admin run cult round, I was banned from various small servers for being a pest and a nuisance. They do not exist anymore.
Why do you want to be this particular staff?: As many of you, especially Livid and perhaps Superballs, and Ariever well know I am infinitely patient with new players. I am quick to respond to and resolve adminhelps within the ruleset I am given and I can work within them. I am able to compartmentalize my own feelings and work to rules that I necessarily wouldn't agree with personally.

Answer the following scenarios as how you would solve a ticket. Try to use our current rules to help.

It’s a secret round type, and there’s a Colony Director (Captain), a HoS (Head of Security), and a full security force.. Mercenaries have been confirmed and they’ve breached the code blue armory. The captain’s response is to grab his gun and his voidsuit and runs to the armory. He fights the mercenaries 3 on 1 and dies, to no one’s surprise. One of the mercenaries takes the Captain’s ID and they roleplay taking over the ship.

The potential ticket would be that the captain attempted to 3v1 mercs despite the fact that he would have been required to attend to the wider defense of the station by way of oversight and logistical command. As I said when I made my joke application, no ticket has been presented here. If you look at this, this is merely a situation. As no adminhelp has been put forward then I as an impartial observer would have no need to act. I could have a word with the captain provided that a player later lodged a complaint against him. However that is given that the captain themselves were not a traitor.

It’s lowpop (a time when there’s few players online, roughly >10) and there’s no heads or even an AI. An engineer decides to break into the captain’s office and steal the spare. They give them self all access and put the spare back where it was. They fix the doors behind them while you’re bwoinking (Admin PMing)  them.

As I am PMing them I would first ask them in a very calm and collected manner to relinquish the access they do not have a right to access, should protest to the rule come up I would then direct them to my direct superiors to make their case.
this man saved my life on six and a half occasions and holds the world record for fastest descent down a flight of stairs using only a juice bottle.

this man also solo'd every single admin help on a Fallout RP server, I would know as I too was also on that team and didn't do a single thing.
Withdrawing this, apologies for the waste of time.

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