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[ACCEPTED] Arrowhead154's Tajara Whitelist App
BYOND key: Arrowhead154
Character name(s): Valni Ma'ine, Alzane Kla'Ahd, Nolan Manders, and Patton Clarks
Race you’re applying for: Tajara
Color you want them to be: Valni- Orange, Alzane- Brown/Black
Have you read this species’ lore? Yes. It is very much different than what I'm used too, so it'll take me a moment to adjust at first. (Have mercy on an old roleplayer)
A biography of your character: 

Valni Ma'ine: 
      Some call this feline suave, others call him a silver-tongue and sharp minded, but behind this Tajara's friendliness lies a question that's continued to haunt him. Being a young Tajara, Valni was drawn to technology, specifically from the humans that his parents interacted with in business and trade. In his youth, he took apart radios, lights, communication devices and even an old computer that his parents bought him! He was good with a wrench, and an excellent problem solver around the village. Learning what behaviors humans and tajara used in interacting both formally, and informally, Valni was set for a bright future of industry and efficiency. When he was old enough, he started working at a local coffee shop. The humans called it Latte-Tajara; Valni's kind called it "Coffee L'isskawo" or "Excellent Coffee" in literal translation. It was at this coffee shop Valni honed his people skills. A year in, Valni was the tajara that both humans and tajara could both agree on for being the best barista. His time at the coffee shop was brief, two years had passed since he first signed on. As his life went on, he was hired by a man who worked for a company called NanoTrasen. This man, Thomas Notchard, would become Valni's inspiration in everything he did with technology. Thomas Notchard was an engineer for a small trading vessel that visited Naj'd to do business with its people. Thomas scored Valni a job as his personal assistant, allowing the youthful Tajara to truly shine. Three years pass and as Valni's skills grew, so did his relationship with Thomas. He was Valni's second father, and a human, no less; but after those three years, Valni was re-assigned to a full time work force at another station, separating him from Thomas! After a tear-jerking goodbye, Thomas promised that he would find out why NanoTrasen would send Valni off to another station he had no part in. About a few months later, Valni receives a message via envelope. In it was a card, expressing apologies for Valni's loss of Thomas Notchard, who had died in an engine failure of the ship he was working on. Valni nearly quit work all-together to return home, but something nagged at him... something did not add up. So now he works for NanoTrasen specifically, wanting to rise through the ranks to find out how Thomas died... if he even is dead. 

Alzane Kla'Ahd
      Alzane is what the ancient Tajara's strive to become. Strong, viscous, and cunning, Alzane has honed both his body and his mind to rival that of any fighter. He detests violence; however, though is not afraid to resort to it in a situation if the need arises. Alzane grew up in a home where his father loved to hunt and kill. Naturally, Alzane picked up on his techniques; which he detested. Violence bred more violence in Alzane's eyes, though fighting for survival is not a right, it is a fact. Everyone must fight to survive. In Alzane's youth, he was hired as a bouncer at "Kitten's Club", a human-inspired bar and dance club on Naj'd for visitors to enjoy and entertain themselves. Alzane's rough attitude and quiet, yet commanding presence kept most everyone in line and on good behavior, though it got him into a few fights with drunk patrons, but with peerless skill, they were detained within a moment. Alzane grew his leadership skills by soon becoming the head security officer of "Kittens Club", earning the title "Safest Bar in the Galaxy". Business nearby raised an eyebrow at how little conflict the club had, even among the few humans that dared to go; one being NanoTrasen itself. NanoTrasen approached Alzane and offered him a spot on the security team for VIP escorts. Alzane accepted, leaving behind his home and family. 

Any questions, let me know! Hope you enjoyed the read!
Very nice. Only issue is the relation between humans and Tajarans presented is, and to our fault, misaligned with our lore. Humans have VERY limited access to Tajaran homeworlds, only permitted access is for diplomacy and barter. No owned business. Other than that, everything seems in order.
Headmin, Lore head, and idiot, all in one.
Fixed with a few grammar fixes as well that I spotted. Hope it checks out now!
Me like, yes yes.
Head Admin, Lore Dev for Skrell, and PR woman at your service. 
Looks good. Consider yourself a catbeast.
Headmin, Lore head, and idiot, all in one.
The application has been accepted by our Tajara lore dev. Accepted, Archived.
FCA Leader, Head Lore dev & Lore dev of Synthetics, Corporation and Technology, Admin.

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