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[ACCEPTED] Maereo's Mod App
Ckey: Maereo
Character names: Qilqu-uu Zixqixqix
Position you’re applying for: Moderator
Favorite Color: Chrome Wink
Previous experience: I used to play a game called SAMP and I was an admin on a popular server
Have you ever been banned from the server or from other servers?: Nope
Why do you want to be this particular staff?:  Well, other than Chrome shilling at me it would be nice to actually be apart of something once again, get to roleplay and teach. I also like how the community is small for now, it makes it feel like a family however dysfunctional it may be.

Answer the following scenarios as how you would solve a ticket. Try to use our current rules to help.

It’s a secret round type, and there’s a Colony Director, a HoS  and a full security force.. Mercenaries have been confirmed and they’ve breached the code blue armory. The captain’s response is to grab his gun and his voidsuit and runs to the armory. He fights the mercenaries 3 on 1 and dies, to no one’s surprise. One of the mercenaries takes the Captain’s ID and they roleplay taking over the ship.

It’s lowpop  and there’s no heads or even an AI. An engineer decides to break into the captain’s office and steal the spare. They give them self all access and put the spare back where it was. They fix the doors behind them while you’re bwoinking them.

1.) Firstly I'd ask the Captain why he thought that was good idea, there is an acceptable amount room for error but this might have actually been too much, there is no justification for this. It's blatant valid hunting, they're going to get a formal warning and a note. If i'm the only staff member on at the time that would be it, if there's an admin I'd like to see if we can bring the captain back and see if we can void the situation because that is just unacceptable and quite honestly low rp.

2.)Well, I mean what exactly was he planning on doing? I'd explain that while that borders on self-antagging and just urealistic behavior. I'd do my best to explain aswell, there isn't a need for a formal warning or a ban if they're being polite and responsive to the feed-back. Just a note for future reference and a verbal warning. Of course if they were rude and unresponsive a formal warning, a ban is really in the case of an extreme.
An unexpected surprise, but a welcome one.

There is no Objection from my side.

Edit: They've updated their post with the missing answer.

I am still in favour of the applicant - Simply not in the favour of bringing the captain back and Retconning the situation. (That is mostly a personal preference on my side, however.)
What Pyro said. +1 from me. I would not suggest retconning the situation either, mostly because that would be a huge hassle to just act like the entire ordeal didn't occur.
Headmin, Lore head, and idiot, all in one.
I agree with Livid and Pyro as well, though other than that the application is clear and makes sense. Your problem solving skills are reasonable and just, and I feel well leaving our community with your judgment.

A +1 from myself.
Head Admin, Lore Dev for Skrell, and PR woman at your service. 
This application has been accepted. Thank you for applying and welcome to the team!
Head Admin, Lore Dev for Skrell, and PR woman at your service. 
Application accepted by our Headmins.

Participant is now in trial moderation.
Applicant's interview, posted with their consent. - https://pastebin.com/ascqMD9M
Trial accepted by Ariever, head of Moderation. Welcome to the team.

Locked and Archived.

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