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Vance Khan - Chief of Security App
ckey: Snake2512

Character name(s): Jack McJacko, Vance Khan

What is, for you, the role of an Overseer/Head of Security?

Both roles must be competent with three primary functions, management, logistics and tactical acumen. As I am planning primarily to play security commander I will be focusing on that department from here on out, however in a broader sense all of the following points could apply to the wider station.

Management: As security commander it is imperative that you are able to effectively manage a team, even more so when both halves of that team have the potential to be at each others throats. When I played legion centurion this was easy enough to handle by providing a strong central figure, laying out my doctrine and agenda in a clear and concise manner (shifting to this codebase it will obviously be the doctrine and agenda of the FCA), and always having a new priority for the men. Whether it is something as simple as guard or scouting duty (which would translate to patrols here), or more difficult maneuvers it is important that other members of the team feel as though they are contributing so that when the time comes for the final push, they are engaged and motivated. The reverse is that one must be wary for members of the security department acting in an unbecoming manner, being able to mete out appropriate punishments for those who break the law within your own department without feeling the need to be too lenient, or too heavy handed due to their position as security personnel.
Logistics: This could also be called communication, as it is important to ensure that your men are well supplied with the tools and equipment they require to execute their role. One must be able to identify sources of this equipment, and effectively communicate their requirement and how dire the need is. One must also be able to improvise in the sourcing of the equipment, not relying on a single department to provide everything required to tackle a single issue, sometimes negotiating with fellow heads to acquire equipment in the short term to handle an emergency situation.
Tactical acumen: Arguably the most important for the security commander, is the ability to read a situation and come up with an effective solution on the fly. Whether it be effective deployment of members of the security department to put a merc team in the cauldron, to predicting the routes a cornered traitor can take to escape a room and having the exits covered. Even assigning a member of security to camera duty to assist in oversight and thus maximizing station coverage with the bare minimum of resources.



Age 17, graduated from St. Pius X's Priory School. 

Age 20, Vance applies for a position as a Sheriffs Officer for the SSA Court Administration Authority and thus performs duties such as, providing a security presence within the court rooms, assisting and advising visitors on all functions within the court house and monitor closed circuit videos, alarms, sensors within court rooms. Meanwhile, Vance focused on his physical well-being and stamina in order to qualify for the local fire service.

Age 24, departs his work as a Sheriff's Officer for the CAA and applies for the State Police Force full-time.

Age 29, transfers from State to Federal SSA Riot Control Group, his tasks involved enforcement of public order, riot control and counter-terrorism activities.

Age 34, a natural disaster destroys Vance's home and he is forced to emigrate, resigning from the Riot Control Group whilst applying for a more well-paying occupation, ideally that of the Chief Security Officer on Eridani Station.

Character you're applying with: Vance Khan

Short Description of your character (in terms of personality):

Vance is somewhat cold and distant but not due to any inexplicable trauma or PTSD that sets him apart from his fellow man, rather his coldness stems from the attitude of someone who simply has no experience in the stations environment or corporate culture. Adding to this is his general distaste of large corporate bodies, holding secret respect for the Trade Unions he has probably clashed with in the past. Vance is therefore a hard man to judge from the outside looking in and appears to be all business or a simple nonchalant demeanor in the face of forced office parties.

However, Vance does his best to be proud in whatever task he is assigned to and places a great deal of energy into the synergy of those who fall directly under his supervision, even if he does not like the work it still has his name attached to it. There is nothing more Vance values than a team that feels organic and dynamic in the field, as such Vance understands the importance of hierarchy and rarely has issue dismissing personal grudges for the sake of team synergy. Incompetence is however scarcely tolerated for Vance does not suffer fools lightly, not letting personal quarrels jeopardize the mission is one thing but those in a position who jeopardize the mission by their sheer existence is another.

Vance's strict Catholic up-bringing under a student of Father J. McJacko has meant that Vance has had little to no experience with the opposite sex, combining this with his strict work regime has meant a crippling social anxiety has taken the place of romantic capabilities. This has mixed benefits and negatives from his employers point of view, for his complete inability to approach women has left him utterly incapable of any female interaction, although this has meant it is impossible for Vance to be accused of sexual harassment or flirting on the job. Vance is able to effectively co-ordinate women if it is in a strictly professional environment. 

Additional Notes: ( if any) Vance eats at least 9 weetbix with no milk.
Apologies for the late response. As I can personally commend Snake's ability to lead a team in tactics and in management through his time playing on Drymouth Gulch, I support a whitelist to Chief of Security. I look forward to seeing Vance order around edgy PMC boys, and am impressed at his weetbix-eating prowess. +1 from me.
Headmin, Lore head, and idiot, all in one.
I've known Snake and his RP abilities for a while, and it's also an approval from me.
FCA Leader, Head Lore dev & Lore dev of Synthetics, Corporation and Technology, Admin.
Whitelist approved by the appropriate staffmember, locking and archiving.
FCA Leader, Head Lore dev & Lore dev of Synthetics, Corporation and Technology, Admin.

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