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Notwoyk Sinta Whitelist
ckey: Notwoyk

Character name(s): Character Names: Corbin Riker, Jack Miller, Leon “I Know’s a Guy Who Know’s a Guy” Giuseppe, Mondaedaedae the Vox Raider (On other, oft ignored servers but I did,reference their existences a few times and think its worth mentioning at least a little bit), and Garfield.
  • Specie applied for: Sinta'Unathi

What are, for you, important aspects of the specie's lore?

Basically everything, but especially their Japanese warrior-hunter culture #13, the most powerful Sinta'Unathi culture to prevail from their endless strife and troubles. Their respect for life and the cycle of it. Their respect for being dinosaurs while also taming dinosaurs. Their ability to be a democratic theocracy where the masses rule their own religion with an iron voting fist. They're basically everything I aspire to be in real life. Especially their giant abs.

Character you are applying with: H'lass Khazara, Greatest Hunter
Small description (in terms of personality):
H'lass Khazara knows best. That's why he's always spouting a wise quote every time something happens, regardless of the context..., If a man dies during surgery, he'll wisely spout, "It is not the greatest of hunters that eats, but the one who still breathes." If someone gets shot in the leg, he'll wisely spout, "One who falls but stands back up, has yet to truely fall." If someone gets slipped by someone dressed up as a clown, he'll shoot the subversive element to death with throwing spears, to maintain balance in all things. He also maintains a healthy tie to his faith and uses his connections with humans to empower them with his own spiritual essence.
Additional notes: (if any)

H'lass is also tall as fuck and going off of pre-existing lore from another Baystation Derivative, has a wife with another player on the server. I won't namedrop them because I believe that it isn't my place to do so, as H'lass' true love should be the one to come out and do so themselves. Also I was told that the lore is changing on a day by day basis so I didn't study it super intensely. I'm also attaching a picture for good luck.

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Hello, please allow me- I mean my husband the whitelist so he can play this server
Thanks Zellion
no problem
if my app gets denied i'm blaming u zellion which is my right as your husband
if your app gets denied its your own fault as a biped
okay sorry
its ok its not your fault
no its fine I'll accept responsibility its my duty as your husband but also i think this might be my last post because I don't want my thread to get shitcanned love you

edit: by the way that actually is zellion so yell at him, but don't tell him I ratted on him.
Whitelist approved by the Unathi Lore master, Maereo.

Locking and archiving.
FCA Leader, Head Lore dev & Lore dev of Synthetics, Corporation and Technology, Admin.

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