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Custom Items Template - Read before Posting
Custom Item application
  • Applicants must follow the formats. Applications which does not use the template here will be ignored.
  • No jokes/memes items. We'll remove the applications for here and possibly strip your rights to post another item application.
  • Item must be purely cosmetic or have no real impact on gameplay; A random beret is fine, A re-sprited communicator or a Mech customization kit is fine. Weapons,and possibly fake/dull ones, are not.
  • Item must have some form of Roleplay value and/or backstory connection to the character. Item made solely for the purpose of being unique will be refused.
  • One item per application.
  • Applicants may request an item to be sprited; However, this may take a long time.
  • Applicants may also provide their own sprite; Testing done at their own discretions.

character the item is for:

Item name: (name shown ingame)
Item description:
Item sprite file:
(If you have a sprite file.)

What is the story of the item for your character?

Additional notes:
(if any)
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