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Lore Canonization Application Format - Read before Posting.
Canonization App
  • No joke/memes app. We may remove and give punishments at our own discretion.
  • No straight up stealing from another source. Inspiration from something else is good; Copying isn't.
  • For Scientific/Technology/Medical lore, ideas must be reasonable. No magical stuff or things that "Works in mysterious way".
  • No Major faction or lore without approval from an Admin or without discussing with the appropriate Lore Dev first.
  • Modification to already existing ideas will be subject of possible debate/discussion.
Canonization Format

Under Specie's lore:
(If the proposed Lore is part of a specific specie (e.g. wanting to add a religion for Tajara))
Under Faction's lore: (If the proposed Lore is part of a specific faction (e.g. wanting to change NT's goals))
Under anything else's lore: (Same as before, but for something that isn't faction or species)

Short Description:

Long Description/In-details Explanation:

Anything else you think may be relevant to the application.
FCA Leader, Head Lore dev & Lore dev of Synthetics, Corporation and Technology, Admin.

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