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Legate Application
ckey: Flintlock
Character name(s): 

What is, for you, the role of an Overseer?
The role of overseer in an IC sense is to act as three separate entities. Chiefly the will of central command, in that they are expected to be the ultimate authority on corporate regulations and their just application, as well as understanding under which circumstances such regulations must be broken to preserve both the ship and its personnel. Secondary is their role in acting as a liaison between the Federal Authority and Sol Systems Alliance when the situation arises, (for Eridani this means being able to work with the ICE agents in ensuring that the agreements terms are upheld) while maintaining at least a cursory knowledge of the home-worlds their crew belongs to, their customs and traditions. Which ties in nicely with the final point, they should be diplomatic enough to keep a crew of such vastly different backgrounds working in unison towards common goals. Failing this they should at least be diplomatic enough to keep their fellow command staff working together smoothly that they might steer the crew of their respective departments towards said common goal.

OOCly the captains only real job is to stand near antags until they snap and go for the kill, allowing people who play real roles to do their jobs.

Character you're applying with: Janus Titus Rex/Jak Crowley
Experience/Qualifications: 200+ years and several degrees, including military command/See below for Crowley

Backstory: Early life, Janus was an only child who suffered through a temporary food crises on Mars during the early days of the colonization effort, having been spared due to the intervention of an up and coming company. Funded through university by an outreach program, he joined up with said company during the early 22nd century. Janus was a centurion with The Legion for about sixty years before his transition to an integrated cybernetic frame. Since his departure from the company, he has been privately contracted with several companies under charters for deep space exploration. He recently moved into the Eridanus Trade Federation with a view to increase efficiency in the research and production of rations, especially in deep space environments.

Crowley Backstory: 
Name: Jak Julius Rex Crowley
DoB: 2405-10-13
Current Residence: #54467, Habitation Bloc Sigma, Glory To Our Lord For Without Him There Would Be No Light Avenue, NanoTrasen District, Upper Archology #104, Luna
Work Contact Off Hours Email:
Work Contact Off Hours Communicator: 12e77:fg334:3kmb2:4556b:88425:fco-7:un1c0:4751l:33l7t:30241:b-#jj1:777ab extention Omega-#343
Xavier Trasen Academy, NanoTrasen District, Upper Archology #104, Luna. 2418-2423
SolGov Naval Academy, Scotland, Former British Territories, Earth.

Sol Government Military Service, Fleet, Customs and Trade.
NanoTrasen Corporation, Administrative Assistant, Toil In The Field For Without Honest Work There Is No Life Planetary Mining Dreadnaught, assigned to sector G42-X1.
NanoTrasen Corporation, Head Administrator, To Dance In The Light Of Your Love For Without Her There Is No Joy Dreadnaught Frigate, assigned to Planetary Mining Dreadnaught Toil In The Field For Without Honest Work There Is No Life, sector G42-X1.
NanoTrasen Corporation, Head Adminitrator, Toil In The Field For Without Honest Work There Is No Life Planetary Mining Dreadnaught, assigned to sector G42-X1.
NanoTrasen Corporation, Corporate Attache, Sol Government mining ship SMV Forthwrite, assigned to sector G42-X1.
NanoTrasen Corporation, Captain, NSV Breakpoint, assigned to Luna Orbital Platform.

Additional Notes: Yeah give me feedback.
I've witnessed you captain before, very readily able to fulfill the role of a commanding staff member. On top of this, seeing the early stages of the server and need for command staff, I happily accept the application to play Captain.
Headmin, Lore head, and idiot, all in one.
Application accepted. Closing and Archiving.
FCA Leader, Head Lore dev & Lore dev of Synthetics, Corporation and Technology, Admin.

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