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Exploration notes
Some hot tips for explorers that aren't touched on, on the wiki.

The Mk30-EW has unlimited ammunition, all one needs to do to reload is click it with your empty hand while holding it. It takes some time to recharge however, so make sure you put some distance between you and whatever you're fighting. Clicking it in hand on the other hand will change the firemode to a lower damage mode, taking your total shots from 10 to 40. The lower damage mode is excellent for clearing an area of weaker mobs, or if you are some kind of psychopath detonating mines from afar.
Mines detonated from a distance will still spit shrapnel at you, be prepared to fire and lie down at the same time. Or fire from behind cover.
Dungeons tagged with a GPS marker occasionally stop displaying the direction they are from your current position, this usually happens when you're further than 100 tiles away, and rarely within 30 tiles.
There is always at least one safe path between the mountain entrance and exit to the wilderness, usually all you need to do is follow the green flags set up at apparently random junctions in the rock. Powerful men reinforce this by marking a path with marker beacons on the off chance someone forgets to take a torch with them on a rescue mission.
To change the colour of the marker beacons, alt-click the stack. The colour you set will be applied to all marker beacons you deploy from that point on, until you change it again.
The furthest locker on the left and right contain binoculars and a mining drill respectively. These utility items are absolutely invaluable to an explorer team, learning how to best deploy them for maximum impact will ascend you a power level.
Every explorer has one GPS unit in their locker. You turn it on with alt-click and set your name by clicking it in hand to check the information, and set tag. Naming it EX_[first name] will make it easier for others using GPS units, such as SAR or security reinforcements to rapidly locate you. Learning to use the GPS to navigate to other members of your team is also ascended tactics and has saved pixels from certain doom in the past.
You can check your department channel by examining your headset, however explorer comms is ":y".
Remember that there are unmarked dungeons on the map. Optical meson, or optical material scanners combined with the binoculars will turn one member of your team into a long range dungeon scanner. Opt for optical material scanners if possible, as even if you can't see what dangers await you in a dark room encased in rock, you will always be able to guage whether or not the loot is worth the risk. Note that crates are usually worth it.
One of the rarest dungeons to spawn is the alien ship, it is designed to punish poor co-ordination and impatience. Take it slow and steady, give your fellow explorers a wide berth and you will conquer this land with ease. Breathe down each others necks and try to rush the dungeon and you can expect at least one casualty.
If you are caught in a pinch, using the binoculars to snipe distant targets is an option, however your accuracy will lower to the point that shots may go over the intended target more often than not.
Your survival knife can be used to cut down trees, it usually takes about 12 - 14 hits and will take several seconds to cut the alien logs into planks. Machetes sometimes spawn in the explorer lockers, and are a much better tool for this, as the total strikes lower to 10 - 12, and take slightly less time to turn the logs into planks. Your survival knife will also one shot vicerators if you're caught recharging your EW.
The second you go down or suffer a broken bone, call for help. Try not to move if you can help it if you suffer a broken bone, polaris medical is unforgiving and the more you move the more chance you have of gaining internal bleeding or organ damage on top of your current wounds. It may be worth your time asking a head of staff to issue the team tracking beacons to enable rapid response to teleport in.

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