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Ckey: kutogane
Character names: Robotic Slavinator (the important one)
Position you’re applying for: Moderator
Favorite Color: Gopnik Green
Previous experience: HAH what is experience?
Have you ever been banned from the server or from other servers?: Not from any SS13 servers, but I have been banned from Club Penguin 
Why do you want to be this particular staff?: (meme answer) Why don't I? (Actual Answer) You are good staff, I want to be part of team so I can help be good staff.

Answer the following scenarios as how you would solve a ticket. Try to use our current rules to help.
It’s a secret round type, and there’s a Colony Director (Captain), a HoS (Head of Security), and a full security force.. Mercenaries have been confirmed and they’ve breached the code blue armory. The captain’s response is to grab his gun and his voidsuit and runs to the armory. He fights the mercenaries 3 on 1 and dies, to no one’s surprise. One of the mercenaries takes the Captain’s ID and they roleplay taking over the ship.

It’s lowpop (a time when there’s few players online, roughly >10) and there’s no heads or even an AI. An engineer decides to break into the captain’s office and steal the spare. They give them self all access and put the spare back where it was. They fix the doors behind them while you’re bwoinking (Admin PMing)  them.

1: I would bwoink the Urod Colony Director, and ask: What was the acutal plan of action when you decided to go and attack armed mercenaries in the armory, especially when you have a full security force? They would get a warning, and a note because that is extremely low RP and would make a bad example. If I am only staff there, I would alert an Admin about the situation, and tell them my course of action. And from there we would see if the urod will be unwhitelisted if his RP does not improve, blyat.

2: What is point, this man is an engineer! Since this is technically self antag behavior as he is breaking into a high-security area, and committing GRAND THEFT ID with no motivation than he just wants to, I would ask him to return the ID, and we can go back to round like nothing happened... That is if he cooperates. If the urod ignores the bwoink, or becomes hostile, he gets a warning, and in worst case scenario, ejected from the server.
Despise the character name that may seems Memetic, Robotic Slavinator is an actual well-rounded and serious character in game.

For the player themselves, they are actually a good player that are fun, but serious when needed, and fun to RP with.

He has my approval.
FCA Leader, Head Lore dev & Lore dev of Synthetics, Corporation and Technology, Admin.
Even though Slav is a gimmick character I am going to +1 this, I roleplay with them frequently and I greatly approve of their staff application. I know they can be serious when needed and they have good character.
I've seen Slavinator in action and he's pretty reasonable. Sure he's an overused meme but he's a good overused meme. I like the responses as well, a hardass on shitlery might just be what we need. I'm giving him a +1.
Ckey: ariever

don't look at me in that tone of voice
I'd say my piece but like always, everyone's said it before me. +1, comrade. Good roleplay, respected player, good responses.
Headmin, Lore head, and idiot, all in one.
Your answers to both moderator questions were well thought out, pretty polite but serious in dealing with the matter at hand. I can see you handling these situations well despite no previous experience noted, though if you have questions never hesitate to ask an admin or headmin.

As for the characters you play as, it's a light-hearted meme but an honestly well built character that is good in not only security but as a head from what I've seen. As a player yourself, I have no issues or worries- you follow the rules.

I feel pretty comfortable with leaving moderating the community in your hands and would love to see you grow with our staff team.

Head Admin, Lore Dev for Skrell, and PR woman at your service. 
Player's interview.
FCA Leader, Head Lore dev & Lore dev of Synthetics, Corporation and Technology, Admin.
Trial accepted by Ariever, head of Moderation. Welcome to the team.

Locked and Archived.
FCA Leader, Head Lore dev & Lore dev of Synthetics, Corporation and Technology, Admin.

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