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[Accepted] Maereo's Overseer app
Quote:ckey: Maereo
Character name(s): Qilqu-uu Zixqixqix

What is, for you, the role of an Overseer? It's really more of a hands on role in a way of support, your job is to guide the staff but also let them do their own thing. It's a mix letting them do their own thing but telling them what to do when things get out of control and people start panicking. 

Character you're applying with: Volvolvol Xuqzix
Experience/Qualifications: Philosphy PhD, Electrical Engineering PhD, Atmospheric Engineering PhD, Supermatter Theory PhD, Theoretical Physics, 10 years of Captain training by NanoTrasen and 25 years as a Captain on the NSSCA Dawnstar (Medical Ship)

Backstory: Captain Xuqzix was first hired by the Russian Federation on board the Spotnik 137 to oversee the missions success. Given the shoddy training and poorly maintained equipment but Captain Xuqzix managed to achieve a successful mission out of it. After the mission was completed Xuqzix was given more proper funding to oversee mining colonies controlled by the RF, after a few dozen years the RF was sent to NT under scholarship to be given training and represent them in a power move. After a decades worth of training he has been given command over a small medical transport known as the Dawnstar. 

Additional Notes: We don't have a Captain currently.
The backstory may require some rework. However, given your ability to command and to RolePlay, it is a yes.

Stamped, Accepted and Archived.
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