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Incident report - 5/24/2618
Time: ~2340 EST

Reporting Personnel: Robotic Slavinator
Rank: Security Commander
Involved Personnel: 
- (GingerCultLeader) Patrick Ludwig, Offender
- (kutogane) Robotic Slavinator, Arresting Party

Location of Incident: NTTRS Caerus, Bar
Time of Incident: N/A
Nature of Incident: Vandalism, and Petty Theft.
Description of Incident:
 - During an investigation, Robotic Slavinator has deducted that Patrick Ludwig was responsible for vandalism of the bar, and theft of the bars items without express permission. Items stolen were a vacuum flask, and several dozen units of alcohol from the dispenser

Was this incident reported to station's command or were actions taken?
- I was the only corporate security member active at the time, and have handled the situation accordingly with fifteen minutes of brig time, which rolled over through transfer.
Additional Notes:
I recommend that the offender is given a mandatory job suspension for at most three days so that they are to reflect on what they have done. hopefully, they will not continue this line of action again.

Robotic Slavinator, your Incident Report has been forwarded to CCIA Agents to be investigated.
You will be shortly contacted by CCIAD Willhem Ritrizer to schedule an Interview.

- Eridanus Sector CCIA Bureau
FCA Leader, Head Lore dev & Lore dev of Synthetics, Corporation and Technology, Admin.

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