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Ban Appeal Rules and Format - READ BEFORE YOU POST
Ban/Note Appeal Rules:
  • Only post if you’re involved. If you were a witness then only post what you saw.
  • This isn’t to attack a person, it’s to dicuss what they did. Ad Hominem: Adjective, Adverb. (of an argument or reaction) directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.
  • Do not call out anyone for any reason. These are to appeal a ban, not to start an argument.
  • Wait until the round is finished before you start a ban appeal. Posting about the round while the round is going on counts as IC in OOC, and it will be deleted.
  • All admin rulings are final. If you think that it was unjust then post a Staff Complaint. Do not argue with staff on rulings in the thread.
  • Ban Appeals that are for less than 49 hours (2896 minutes) will be ignored.
  • Follow the format provided, if your Appeal thread isn’t in the format provided it will automatically be denied.
  • [b]Permanent bans are called permanent for a reason. Time isn’t a factor when getting unbanned.[/b]

Ban/Note Appeal Form:
Delete the text inside the brackets when making your appeal thread.

BYOND Key / Discord ID: [This is your Byond login/Ckey]
Total Ban Length: [The total time of your ban. You can also note your remaining time, though it is not required]
Banning Admin/Moderator: [Their username or ckey]
Reason of Ban: [What it says when you attempt to connect. Copy and paste it here, don’t adlib it.]
Reason for Unban/Note: [State your reason for why you think you should be unbanned.]
Ckey: ariever

don't look at me in that tone of voice

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