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[ACCEPTED] SeniorScore's Lore Developer Application
Ckey: SeniorScore
Character names:  Dodgy
Position you’re applying for: Lore Developer, I would assume towards humanity because that's what I prefer writing for, and have the most experience for at this point.
Favorite Color: Green
Previous experience: I've done, at this point, a far amount of writing for Aurora, and have a notable amount of it on this google drive

Have you ever been banned from the server or from other servers?: Nope.
Why do you want to be this particular staff?: Working with what is known, and making it react to the previously unknown is fun for me. Trying to guess how cultures would twist and grow in space as time goes on.I'm not sure what else to really go on about considering I don't really know the current climate of the lore.
I'll start by apologizing for the response time.

After looking at your work, I have no objection in you joining the team. However, due to the application toward the human lore dev, I'll wait until Superballs' answer before making any further decision.
FCA Leader, Head Lore dev & Lore dev of Synthetics, Corporation and Technology, Admin.
A second apology for waiting nearly a week for a reply on this application, and a big thank you to applying to our team!

Few questions to start.

1. Where do you draw your inspiration for writing lore?

2. How well do you think you can receive criticisms for any part of the lore?
  2a. Would you impulsively change the lore to fit, or stand by your choices with what you made?

3. If you were in complete control of writing the narrative for Eridani Station, would you prefer to completely write a new story from scratch, or build off what's already given to you?

4. What would you describe your thought process for writing?

5. Are you comfortable working with a smaller, indie-like team?

6. Do you have wiki editing experience?
1. For a large majority of my writings, especially in relation to space, Shadowrun and Mass Effect, as well as Deus Ex have a large presence in my mind when trying to think of an interesting setting.

2. Implying my work has flaws. In reality, I think I take criticisms well, if appearing hostile when defending myself, not necessarily just with a written piece. I feel I am much more likely to stick with choices I've made rather than changing them to just any criticism thrown at me, as it typically has a way of effecting things not intended.

3. Starting from scratch is typically better in terms of making something that clicks together well generally, but writing off preexisting info is doable, in my eyes.

4. Primarily, 'what makes this place/people/thing worth mentioning', trying to outline that, and fleshing out remaining bits from it.

5. Definitely, should be easier to keep tabs on where everyone is that way.

6. A fairly good amount of experience with it I feel, yes.
After a short discussion, the staff team has no issues with the application. Welcome to the team.

Contact myself (Superballs#8912) or Pyrociraptor#0021 for further instructions.

Thread closed.

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